5 Ways to Get Good Marks in Tamil Nadu Class 7 Maths Exam

The foundation of maths is built from Class 7. It develops the core of maths for higher studies. Class 7 maths includes basics about algebra, geometry, etc. So, students should be serious about the subject of maths. They should be well-thought with the concepts so that they don’t get confused when promoted to the next standard. Students should have a deeper understanding of the concepts of algebra and geometry. These basics play a vital role in the overall success of higher education.

Students should practise exercise questions from the respected textbooks of maths. So, if students want to achieve good marks in the Class 7 maths exam, they should practise maths regularly. When they face any doubt, refer to the textbooks and then take the help of reference materials. Tamil Nadu Board prescribes textbooks for all standards, such as Samacheer Kalvi 7th books. Students can score higher marks in their Class 7 maths exam with constant practice. One should remember that maths is a subject everyone needs in every step of our lives. Students need maths if they want to pursue engineering as their career.

Students should solve previous years’ questions, sample papers, important questions, etc. Students, along with the textbook questions, should also practise questions from reference books. It will help them to solve different problems based on various concepts. These reference books are prepared according to the prescribed syllabus. They can get an idea about the question paper pattern, marking scheme and essential topics.

Students of 7th standard are expected to understand maths concepts based on expressions, geometry, computing numbers, functions, geometry and equations. To master the concepts, students should constantly practise maths worksheets based on these concepts. Maths worksheets are considered a highly efficient practise material for students to build a deep understanding of the concepts. Students can easily find maths worksheets on various online platforms. So, to score good marks in the Class 7 maths exam, students should practise multiple problems based on the topics mentioned above.

So, along with the online resource worksheets of maths, students can utilise the below-mentioned points to achieve good marks.

5 Ways To Score Good Marks in Class 7 Maths Exam

1. Plan your revision

Students should plan their revision efficiently before the exam. They should note down the crucial topics so that they don’t skip any essential concepts. A proper revision will help students to avoid last-minute mistakes and errors. It will also help them understand which concepts they need more practice and time. So, in this method, they can note down the timings and accordingly execute their revision.

2. Solve sample papers

Maths is a subject that needs constant practice to understand the Class 7 maths concepts better. So, students should solve sample papers regularly to get good marks in the exam. Students can get an idea of the actual question paper, marking scheme, and crucial topics by solving the sample papers. It also helps them evaluate their preparation and figure out the mistakes to avoid such mistakes while writing the exam. Solving the sample papers also enhances speed, accuracy, and proper time management.

3. Note-down important formulas and concepts

Students should note down the essential formulas and concepts to help them memorise better.

It is a good practice to revise them. Students can enhance their knowledge by practising the maths concepts.

4. Seek expert help

To score good marks in the Class 7 maths exam, students should seek the help of proper guidance. So, parents should encourage their kids to take help from their school teachers and online tutors to understand the concepts better. Students should also take help from the Class 7 maths textbooks.

5. Learn tips and tricks

Students should learn shortcuts to solve lengthy maths problems to save time during the exam. It helps them to memorise complex concepts or formulas. Take the help of sticky notes and create some sheets to memorise these tricks to revise them before the exam.

Students get exhausted by dealing with the exam pressure. Students should take proper breaks during their studies to reduce stress. Maths needs proper practice, so students should utilise their textbooks, such as Samacheer Kalvi 6th books.


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