Benefits of the Living Foods Diet Regimen

The living foods diet plan involves consuming largely living as well as raw foods. Foods are described as “living” when they still contain their enzymes, known as their “life force.” Food enzymes begin to malfunction at 102 ° F and by 126 ° F are completely destroyed. Examples of foods with intact enzymes are fresh strawberries, ripe bananas, as well as leafy vegetables. Foods which are included as raw, however not living, are those which have dormant enzymes as well as can be activated by water and also will germinate, ultimately growing into sprouts. Examples include dried out grains, nuts, and also seeds.

This diet plan is started on the belief that, since living as well as raw foods loose their possible vital force when cooked, eating raw foods offers a greater dietary value. Sustaining this, scientific research has revealed the dietary value of prepared foods is far substandard to that of raw foods. This is due to the fact that cooking foods alters their chemical make-ups, striping them of useful nutrients as well as enzymes in the process. When eating foods without enzymes, the body is incapable to maximize its use of the food and also is avoided from properly absorbing and absorbing minority nutrients left after the food preparation process.

Some effort to discredit this way of life claiming it’s unnatural; however, consider this: prior to people uncovered fires, what else could have been the primary human diet plan? The initial human diet plan must have included a mix of nuts, fruits, and veggies showing that a raw foods diet plan is actually a more natural diet.

An additional benefit of consuming living as well as uncooked foods is boosted section control. Because raw foods are of a better quality, much less food is needed to satisfy the body’s dietary requirements. In addition, high fiber and also water web content of living foods aids preserve sensations of fullness so appetite does not recur up until the following mealtime.

Most notably, a living foods diet additionally has numerous health and wellness advantages. According to Dr. Anne Wigmore, toxemia and also deficiencies are the main reason for conditions. So illness evasion depends upon reducing toxicity and nutritional deficiencies. Living as well as raw foods assist detoxify the body while giving crucial nutrients needed to prevent deficiencies. In fact, numerous students of the Anne Wigmore Natural Wellness Institute report enhancements in their overall physical and mental health, more power, and fat burning!


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