The Limo Hire Industry Over the Last 10 Years

What I think of the limousine sector over the last years:

The limo society came from the US and has only recently seen business development in the UK. The US market is relatively saturated, with about 5,000 limousines and taxi companies sharing in the $4bn yearly income stream, each using various services for customers nationwide.

The limousine market in the UK has seen huge development over the last ten years. Where previously this class of transport was booked for wealthy or service individuals, the sector has become extra commercialized, providing a substantial variety of services for people from all professions and for virtually any type of social or business event.

The development in the sector can be credited to the price of services offered and the demand for luxury travel for events varying from weddings and senior proms to chicken and stag nights. An additional variable that has driven this development is the emergence of the ‘Party Lorry’ – limousines equipped with not simply a mini-bar, however the state of the art audio and television systems, games consoles, smoke machines, nightclub spheres, laser lights, bubble equipment and also hot-tubs.

The range of Leicester limo hire readily available is ever growing, from the timeless Lincolns to Bentley Continentals, of which the more odd designs are ending up being more and more desirable due to their originality, such as:

The Fire truck limo offers 16 seats and also a dancing post.

American Police Wagon Stretch is offering six seats.

Stretch Hummers come in numerous styles, colours, and seating between 5 and 20.

Stretch Chrysler c300 child Bentley limousine with Lamborghini doors.

The brand-new Audi Q7 limo uses the most effective inside of any limousine

The pink Chrysler c300 infant Bentley limousine

In addition to the home entertainment functions of these vehicles, the operators offer different ad hoc solutions such as complimentary champagne, decorations, food, and so on. Limousine derby limo hire can be used anywhere in the UK. There is likewise now a 16-seater fire truck in the Newcastle area which is likewise pink and includes the team dressed up in full pink firefighter outfits consisting of pink firefighter hats.

We see driver concentrations in and around significant cities such as London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Cardiff, Edinburgh & Glasgow. This competition between the different companies leads to reduced rental rates, which attract more customers. Although this inevitably leads to market growth, it also means that businesses such as Limotek can use competitive prices as they source vehicles from a substantial network of operators around the country, implying they can commonly locate far better deals with these drivers than clients coming close to operators directly.

Employing a limo is currently viewed as a matter of course for certain kinds of events, and as the range of vehicles boosts, we can expect to see more development in the industry. As most drivers in the UK are little companies that provide for a specific area, there might be an opportunity for debt consolidation in the sector as we have yet to see the emergence of a trademark name within the industry.


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