Tips to Weigh Cost, Performance and Scalability for Industrial Electrical Enclosures

Big jobs come with big price tags, and every little item that you need in large quantities presents a new challenge. Just picking the right fasteners for a construction project can be dizzying when you’re balancing the sheets. The same goes for electrical enclosures. You can’t skimp on them, but you don’t want to overpay. How do you find enclosures that meet standards, work at scale, and preserve your budget? You do it with a few simple strategy tips.

 Disentangling Cost and Scale

 As scale increases, raw costs go up. More material is needed for more parts, to say nothing of labor. It’s pretty obvious. So, how do you disentangle these concepts? The key is to focus on enclosures that can scale up efficiency. Efficiency of scale is everything, and you want enclosures that can be mass-produced at the level you need.

 Here’s the easy trade-off. Customizations are harder to scale. So, instead of getting generic enclosures that you customize onsite, get the customizations built into the manufacturing process. It saves time and money, and it puts scale in your favor.

 A perfect example and case study is when the AMU1206L was used for photovoltaic solar plants. Solar plants score pretty high on the scale spectrum, and that’s exactly why this enclosure was chosen for the job. Allied Moulded was able to introduce customizations at the manufacturing level. From there, they were mass-produced, bringing down per-item costs even as scale rose.

 Fitting Performance into the Equation

 Performance tends to increase costs and decrease scalability. High-precision enclosures offer better performance in many ways, but that gets so expensive so quickly. How do you successfully weigh these concepts to get the right boxes for large-scale applications? You can find help by focusing on materials and design.

 Start with the enclosure material. By picking the right material for the job (such as a nonmetallic enclosure to solve corrosion issues), you can cater to specific performance metrics while keeping design and customization as simple as possible. Enclosures of the desired material can still be mass-produced, so funneling your metrics into the enclosure material can help with cost management.

 As for design, it provides a means to get specific elements into your enclosure as efficiently impossible. This relates back to scalability. You need to design around custom demands in order to lower overall costs. How do you do this? Work with enclosure design experts.

Allied Moulded has been helping customers scale up their custom enclosures for years. We have the tools and knowledge. Work with us, and we’ll help you optimize for cost, performance, and scalability, all at the same time. Contact us today. We’ll discuss your project, and you’ll see that we can help you save money without sacrificing performance, all by providing the best possible electrical enclosure.


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