A Guide to Choosing the Best Company Name

Choosing a company name is a crucial aspect to consider during the initial phase of creating a business. It requires a collaborative effort, and naming should be taken seriously as it represents the brand on the market and sets it apart from its competitors.

When selecting a name, important factors to consider include:

  1. Market analysis: The name should mirror the company’s product or service, and at the sight of the brand name, the consumer should be able to visualize the product provided by the company.
  2. Conceptualization: Imagine how the name will look, how it will be perceived by the target audience.
  3. Exploration: From a variety of name options, choose the option that best aligns with the company’s brand and vision, because this name will serve as the face of the company in the future and leave a lasting impact on consumers.

There are several ways to create a name for a company:

  1. If a manager has an idea or an abbreviation for the name, go with that if similar company names are not already in the market.
  2. Use the owners’ names or surnames such as SOKOLOV, a jewelry company.
  3. Combine the surnames of two or more founders or use a combination of words related to the company.
  4. Use geographical objects under the company name to give a sense of belonging to a certain region.
  5. Utilize alliteration to create a memorable and easy-to-pronounce name.

Use online name generators if the above methods fail. Online name generators offer the easiest and most accessible way to choose an original and unique name for your company. By specifying the company’s parameters, the online generator will offer numerous options to choose from, making it the easiest way to form a name fast.

One such online name generator is Turbologo, which offers numerous names for startup companies. The generator has several options, including the field of activity, region, and choice of words in the name. With five name generators, Turbologo quickly suggests several unique and original names for your company.


In conclusion, a company name should be reflective of its essence, easy to remember, and become the perfect identifier of your goods or services. Creating a brand through an appropriate name is crucial for success in the market with the assistance of generators as the surest way of getting a unique name.


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