Are Granite Countertops Still a Great Investment for Your Morehead City Home?

Does it seem like it might be time for the popularity of granite to fade as the premiere choice for countertops in the Morehead City area? Rest assured, this beautiful surface remains just as popular and dependable as it was when the granite countertop trend began in the last century.

Granite Counters Continue to Hold Value for Homeowners

Even after 40 years of being the most popular upgrade for kitchen countertops, granite remains at the top of the wish lists for homeowners and home buyers. A custom kitchen featuring granite surfaces can increase your home’s value by as much as 25%. Better yet, that number does not necessarily diminish as the counter ages. Invest now and reap the rewards when it is time to sell.

Neutral Color Palette Rolls with Changing Trends

Granite first stole the show at home improvement shows as the best countertop as it offered a tough natural surface with colors that work with nearly any type of home decor. Ranging in shades from light gray to nearly black, its speckled look is highlighted by flecks of glittering quartz.

While you can find it with hints of pink, rust, blue, and green, every color of granite features only neutral hues. Even if you change out the tiles, linens, china, and wall paint, your stone counter will work equally well with the new tints.

This is one choice that will endure the whims of fads and also blend with more traditional looks.

Impressive Durability Maintains A Polished Appearance

Only one other stone used for counters is harder than granite. With a Measurement of Hardness rating of 6 to 7, granite counters resist scratches, chips, and cracks. When properly maintained, your granite counter can look nearly new until it is time for the next kitchen remodel–20, 30, or even 40 years in the future.

A Natural Material: Granite Creates a Unique Counter for Your Home

Since granite is sliced straight out of the mountainside, no two slabs of this stone are exactly alike. Your kitchen will have its own bespoke personality. None of your neighbors in Morehead City will be able to duplicate your counter. It is a decor choice that becomes part of the vibe of your home.

Quartz Countertops Expand Your Options

Now, you might not see a piece of granite that absolutely grabs your attention. That is fine! Because while quartz is a man-made stone, it is available in hundreds of options. Also, it features all the durability found in granite. Just like the natural stone, you can order yours with the edge you desire. It is cut using the same robotic saws, ensuring a customized fit in your kitchen or bath. Finally, it is comparable in price–so you won’t be blowing the budget by selecting a different material.

Discover the Beauty of Granite at Onslow Stoneworks

Are you curious to see the variety of granite available for countertops for your home? Come visit the showroom at Onslow Stoneworks. We offer a huge selection of bespoke granite and quartz, guaranteeing that you will find a stone perfect for the countertops of your dreams.


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