Buy Masterbuilt Gravity Series from BBQs2U at Unbelievably Discounted Prices

BBQs2U have been selling barbecues since 2002 and it is their passion for barbecuing that has made them one of the independent leading retailers in the UK of Kamado Joe, Napoleon Barbecue, Masterbuilt Series, and Ooni Pizza Oven. They have great grilling knowledge, which they keep sharing with their customers.

They stock and sell barbecue products online at good discounts while their physical stores are in Abersoch, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, and UK mainland.

Since they stock and sell only a few premier barbecue brands, they ensure to provide excellent customer service, and brilliant after-sales support.

Whether it is gas or charcoal, BBQs2U has something for everybody. They offer products from Masterbuilt BBQs which is one of the largest BBQ brands in America and is known globally for its ingenious, versatile, and affordable range of products.

Masterbuilt decided to break new ground with Gravity Series, the first charcoal-fed cooking model which is widely available and is almost as easy to use as a pellet grill, and the recent launch in the Gravity lines is the 800 model.

Grilling, smoking, and griddle options

The first glance of Masterbuilt Gravity 800 Series looks the same as many of the other outdoor grills available in the market. However, looks can be deceiving.

This grill consists of both standard cooking grates as well as an open and wide cooking grate made of cast iron for fast cooking. It offers you the pleasure of grilling, smoking, and griddle options.

The grill has a low to high heating range as it heats to 225 degrees Fahrenheit in 8 minutes, 450 degrees in the next 10 minutes, and 700 degrees Fahrenheit in just 14 minutes.

The timer allows you to keep a note of the cooking time so that you can cook your steaks from medium to high heat for a perfect sear.

This ability to go from low and slow to sizzling hot sear so easily and quickly will certainly make Masterbuilt Gravity 800 Series an absolute favourite thing.

What will you like in the Gravity Series 800 model?

Some top things make the Gravity 800 Series a top-notch model.


Adding the griddle option is a brilliant example of versatility and elevates the Masterbuilt Gravity 800 Series model to an entirely new level.

Easy to use

The most beautiful thing that Masterbuilt has done is to combine the convenience of a pellet grill with the flavour of wood and charcoal.

  • The model is easy to use even for beginners
  • Provides a generous cooking area of 800 square inches.
  • Holds the temperature brilliantly.

Safety features

The grill comes with multiple safety switches on the main lid, the ash door, and the hopper.

  • The hopper lid switch prevents the hopper from burning up like a charcoal chimney.
  • The controls on the ash door and hopper lid limit the grill’s temperature while it is open to 500 degrees.

The Gravity Series has transformed the outdoor cooking experience and the Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 800 model perhaps offers the best in terms of versatility.

BBQs2U offers different packs of this model, namely, the Pizza Pack, the Rotisserie, the Pitmaster, and the Starter Packs at discounted prices.

Take away these models and get a cover and 7.25kg of Masterbuilt lump charcoal.


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